Rita from Ripping Yarnz goes Steampunk

Ripping Yarnz goes … Steampunk!!

No, you’re not imagining things … I really did say ‘steampunk’.  And I think I’m in love and in heaven!

At last, I’ve found an outlet for my creativity that combines drama, history and hand craft all in one big, beautiful bundle!

To explain …Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.”

Steampunk is 30 years old and has a huge following internationally.  Steampunk-ers can be any age, have any and every occupation and love the crazy costume mixture of Victoriana and the Wild West – all generously embellished with cogs, wheels, bits of clock, chains – the choice is endless.  If all this sounds like a parallel universe, I strongly recommend that you Google steampunk and find out a little more.

So, I hear you ask, where the heck does Ripping Yarnz come in?

Well, for a number of years my leisure time was totally occupied by all things theatre.  Acting, directing, designing, teaching.  Then I was introduced to textile arts and loved it to bits.  I’m also a history lover and watch anything and everything related to ancient monarchies, archaeology and Egyptology.  My childhood and early adult life was spent in England, where you are surrounded by historical architecture and are reminded every day of Britain’s amazing past.

This deep interest in history is reflected in my love of making shawls and strange little collars, capes and frilly bits and pieces … and with Steampunk I can do all that and more!  I’ve already made some collars, capelets, spats and false sleeves, a mini top hat and a Victorian carriage cowl.  My mind is like a box of bees, as I research the colours, textures and wonderful designs of the late 19th Century – combined with the emergence of technology and the sweeping changes of the industrial revolution.

Watch this space for where you can access my Steampunkery.  I’ll have some really exciting news at the beginning of the New Year.  Meanwhile, please get in touch if you want to talk steampunk – or anything else to do with knitting, crochet, needle felt and all the many textile arts.


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