Crazy October!

This is the time of year when many of my creative pals are head down and derriere up … working, working, working to get ready for the Tasmanian Craft Fair (TCF) at Deloraine.  With three and a gulp weeks to go, the clock is ticking super loud and many of us are having the odd sweaty moment as we review our stock, check our displays and make yet another list of ‘things to do’ before D-Day!

Each year, I promise myself that I will be on top of it all well in advance … and each year, much like Christmas, I find myself running around like a blue-arsed fly at the last minute.  Fortunately, or maybe not, I function better under pressure and usually produce my best work at the 11th hour.  However, it’s not a good idea to rely on this, as the tiniest hiccup at the wrong time can result in the nervous breakdown you’ve always promised yourself!

This year, I’ve decided to extend my repertoire a little and dipped my toe into the teeming waters of jewellery.  Only my kind of jewellery is a combination of crochet, knitting, silk painting and the odd bit of embellishment.  First up are my:

Ripping Yarnz EarringsEar Dangles

These have been great fun!  I’ve learned how to make my own sterling silver ear wires and now have my very own jewellery maker’s tools.  I’m totally cack-handed when it comes to anything tool-orientated and the process has not been without it’s challenges!  But I’m quite happy with the finished products and to me they look like happy little critters.


Next, let’s hear it for the

Ripping Yarnz necklaceNeck Leis (get it, necklace … neck leis?  Yeah, well …)  These combine all the colours of the South Pacific with a bit of bling and a tassel.  Pop one over your head and it will jazz up any outfit.

The Dangles and Leis, in company with my usual shawls, garments and other one-off flights of fancy, will be on display at the TCF in Venue 1, Stall 111.  I greatly look forward to seeing you, chatting about yarn, disasters and how to remedy them and anything/everything to do with knitting, colour and texture.



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