Round earrings from Ripping Yarnz

Count Down to ‘D’ Day …

That’s ‘D’ for Deloraine!

Yes, after months of knitting, crocheting, ripping (ripping?) and twisting, the end result is almost ready to go on display at Stall 111, Venue 1, the annual Tasmanian Craft Fair.

This will be my third attendance as an exhibitor at the TCF and, as before, it is a totally unknown quantity.  Will the weather be fine?  Will the crowds come?  Will they like my work?  Nothing can be second-guessed – except for the fact that, with so many of my good mates there, I’m guaranteed to have a terrific social time!

So, what’s on display at my stall of delights!  Well, this year I’ve dipped my toe into the pond of knitted and crocheted ‘jewellery’.  My little round earrings have long silver wires and come in a rainbow of colours.

 Round earrings from Ripping Yarnz

Then there are my tasselled neck wraps,

Tasselled neck wraps from Ripping Yarnzall in jewel colours and made of silk, other fabric, cotton and metallic yarns

Yarn necklaces from Ripping Yarnz

Another new venture comes in the form of necklaces made from a linen, paper and cotton yarn.  Each one is embellished either with tiny beads or a touch of metallic bling.

I’ll also have some of the extremely popular wool jackets and a huge variety of shawls and wraps, all in my signature bright colours and tonings.

BUT the very best part about Deloraine is meeting You, the customer … chatting about the yarn and techniques that are our passion and exchanging hints and tips.

The Tasmanian Craft Fair runs from Friday 3rd through to Monday 6th November.  I look forward to seeing you there!

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