About Rita Power

Rita has to have colour in her life!

Whether she’s spinning alpaca fleece straight from the bag, painting silk, knitting or needle felting, the final outcome has to be bold and colourful.
Above all, her work has to be FUN!

Rita Power | Ripping Yarnz

Take a simple, basic shape…add a huge dollop of colour…stir in texture and creativity…and voila, there you have it! Rita’s recipe for fun garments and accessories!

Whether the fibre or material is hand-spun dyed dog hair, recycled sari silk or softest alpaca, there will be a place for it in one of Rita’s pieces.

 These can range from one-off wearable pieces, bags and wall hangings to baby shoes and toddlers clothes. The techniques used include knitting, crochet, silk painting, spinning and dyeing, and dry needle felting.

A relative late-comer to the creative scene, the last decade has been a roller-coaster ride of discovery and experimentation.

RITA POWER designs funky fashion and home-wares.

There is enormous therapeutic benefit to be had from the use of colour and texture, and Rita has been happy to share and promote this through a number of workshops and exhibitions.

For more information see the Blog or contact Rita here.

Click on the file below to view the newspaper article featuring Rita’s solo art exhibition. Part art… part fashion… all fabulous!

Article The Advocate - 1 Aug 2015